About Us

dBAS+ is an innovative firm providing a number of value added services to our Clients:

  • provision of database administrators skilled in business analysis, system deployment and operations.
  • a complete range of database services.
  • relieving our clients of the worry of Information Technology issues and allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Our service is unique in its delivery as we develop strategic partnerships through regular client consultation and provide hands-on IT services.

Our clients have the opportunity to benefit from the services of dBAS+ as a complete solution supplier for their entire Database, E-Solution and Information Technology requirements.

Our Philosophy

dBAS+ was born as a solution to industry wide frustration and difficulties with IT services:

  • Overheads in employing full time professionals to maintain databases and ensure optimal functionality.
  • Organisations that can employ full time DBA’s struggle to recruit and retain talented staff and have large outgoing expenses keeping them trained and up to date.
  • Short-term situations such as project design and development phases where additional or more specialized DBA resources are required.

Growth and Future Developments

dBAS+ offers consulting, design, implementation and support services for e- and I- Databases, as well as ERP and CRM Databases.

Strategic alliances with companies in related Information Technology service areas such as Microsoft, GFI, AVG, Careers Connections, Vista Network Solutions, and e-Recruiting Innovations have been established to enhance the quality and breadth of services offered to our Clients.